Media Partners
Synester Saints Entertainment
Founded by award winning writer Alan Scholting, Synester Saints is teaming up with companies around the country to bring you the best in entertainment. Whether it be comics, novels, music, modeling, or anything pop culture, Synester Saints Entertainment is uniting the worlds we love.

The Media Cows
Home of the Road To series & the best Action Adventure walkthroughs on Youtube. Follow Dewey, Zach, Ray and Tom as they venture through some of the most popular video games from start to finish.

Partners of 2D Con
Twin Cities Games Fest
Twin Cities Game Fest is an Event Planning service/club for non-gambling gaming events around the Twin Cities. We typically work with conventions and special events.

Gamers Rhapsody
Gamer’s Rhapsody is a convention that celebrates the behind the scenes of making video games. It’s for the players that love getting lost in a different world where they can escape from reality and go on an adventure. It’s for the players that learn life lessons from their favorite characters. It’s for the players who know what it’s like to live in a different world, to travel with people they know better than family, to live and die with them.