Pokemon Go is a great game, however a small minority of players can ruin the experience for the rest of us (Team Rocket!!).
Reports of vandalism, littering, and overall disregard for the cleanliness and inviting conditions of many public places such as parks have been spotted on social media and on many news outlets.

We are here to help.

Through your reports we are working to clean up our local parks and make sure that Pokemon Go and the gaming community retain a positive image in the public eye.

Once reported we will plan a Pokemon Go clean up event. Our volunteers will be out and making things clean again as soon as possible. In an extreme case of destroyed property, be it landscaping or park property (such as graffiti), we will contact the proper park authorities and make sure they are made aware so it can be dealt with properly. Sometimes things happen in an area the park isn’t even aware of and this will help make sure everything is cleaned up as quickly as possible.

We encourage everyone to do their part to keep our parks clean. Picking up debris and litter while on a Pokewalk is a great way to do this.

Respect the park and city rules.
Respect the space and the people who were there first.

Please do not attempt to clean graffiti off of benches, signage, or cement. Certain chemicals can have negative effects. We will be working with local government to remedy any graffiti.

Have something to report? Please use the submission form below. Want to be part of the PokePark Cleanup Crew and notified when and where we will be cleaning? – Send an email to Pokepark@thisisgeek.net .
Remember to follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with any other events we are doing in the community!


*Currently limited to  Minneapolis/St Paul and surrounding areas.
Submission Form

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