We like to stay busy! That is why we have so many projects under the This is Geek umbrella.

Current Projects

Transparent-19202D Con (Digital Destruction)
2D Con is Minnesotas largest gaming event and one of the largest charity gaming events in the Midwest.Dreamed up in 2014 and holding the inaugural event in May of 2015 2D Con was an event of epic proportions.

Indie Island
We are avid supporters of local indie developers and promote them in many ways, such as offering free space at 2D Con, and promoted stories on our websites and social networks.



Past Projects

MMMarch Mayhem
March Mayhem was an open LAN and tournament with 200 attendees. Taking place in March 2012, March Mayhem was the first large scale event that we had organized.

Winter Warzone

An escape from the fridged winters of Minnesota. Winter Warzone was an open LAN and gaming event in February 2013. With over 200 attendees and plenty of games to play, this event was the cornerstone of our very own convention, 2D Con.