Whats in Store for This is Geek

We have a lot in the pipeline for the future of This is Geek and 2D Con.

Over the next few months we will begin to roll out more community based gaming events, an online social platform for gamers and more tools to help our cause.

Between our IRL careers and addiction to the latest and greatest video games; it can sometimes be a difficult task to focus our efforts on This is Geek. There is a delicate balance between work, family, play and This is Geek. We want you to stay updated on everything we have to offer, such as our events and giveaways!

How will we do that?! By building a better community, because the community is what matters!
Some of you are unaware that This is Geek is a 100% volunteer run organization.
From our president to our photographers; we do what we do because we love the gaming community, and helping those who need it.

In the next few weeks you will notice some changes on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. We will be increasing our activity with giveaways, partner features and more frequent updates on our own events, like 2D Con, and the events of our partners.

Speaking of events, we have plenty in the pipeline to discuss with you.
While 2D Con will always be our largest event; we have partnered with the Microsoft Store in the Mall of America to host events.

Segue time to announce that we will be at the Microsoft Store in the Mall of America on October 20th for the launch of Guitar Hero Live! – challenge the store members and the This is Geek volunteers – if you win receive $5 off your registration for 2D Con 2016 if you sign up at the event!

Outside of the Microsoft Store events, we will be hosting a variety of events and tournaments at various conventions in the area, such as Anime Fusion and Anime Detour. Our overall goal is to have at least one event per month at no cost to you, we are confident in our ability to host great events while raising money for a great cause.

You may have also noticed that the website seems a little empty. That is something we are about to change. Alongside our partner The Media Cows, we will be posting a plethora of photos and videos from our events, news posts related to the gaming industry, reports from the many conventions that we attend, and featured content from our partners and 2D Con guests.

Thank you for being part of our community.

If you have any questions/comments please email board@thisisgeek.net

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