This is Geek is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based out of Minnesota. Our purpose is to spread awareness of the history and the positive social and cultural impacts that the gaming industry provides, as well as to host affordable and educational events dedicated to gaming as a hobby and an art form. We dedicate ourselves on giving back to the community at large through charitable giving and events




This is Geek is founded as a Social Network originally named Pop-Droid. Featuring news articles, reviews, and convention reports Pop-Droid grew rapidly into a thriving community.


Rise of Social Media

Popular social media sites continue to grow and overtake forums as the main source of online communication. Pop-Droid starts hosting in person events to increase social interaction.


Change of a Name – A New Era

The social portion of Pop-Droid was in fast decline, and the market for gaming blogs was getting saturated. Pop-Droid was renamed to This is Geek and the focus was shifted to offline events.


Winter Warzone

Winter Warzone

Winter Warzone is born. This is Geek hold their first large scale gaming event. A PC LAN party and ESports Tournament called Winter Warzone. Over 100 gamers bring their computers to a movie theater for a 20 hour tournament.


March Mayhem

Following the success of Winter Warzone, March Mayhem was born and was met with double the attendees of Winter Warzone. Running out of space in the venue (oops).


The Push to do Good

With the growth of Winter Warzone and March Mayhem, This is Geek begins planning their third event, Digital Destruction. The organizers registered as a 501(c)(3) public charity and member based non-profit organization.


Exceeded Expectations

Digital Destruction begins to grow at an outstanding pace. With an expected attendance of 300, and pre-registration numbers nearing 800 a last minute change is made to turn the event into an all around gaming event. Encompassing both tabletop and video gaming


2D Con

With the shift in focus to a convention, Digital Destruction takes on the name 2D Con. The first 2D Con features over 10 independent developers and non-stop events. A second event is planned for June of 2016.


Worst Nightmare

In April of 2016, two months before 2D Con the venue was sold and set to be demolished. A year of planning was reset and the staff was stuck scrambling to pick up the pieces.



A new venue was found and the staff got to work on making sure 2D Con 2016 was just as amazing as it could possibly be.


2016 – Celebration of Gaming

2D Con 2016 exceeds expectations yet again, over 1400 gamers in attendance.


2017 – 43% Growth

2D Con 2017 once exceeds expectations yet again, with over 2000 gamers in attendance. We held Minnesota’s first Splatoon 2 Tournament. Andrew Reiner, Chris Kluwe and Justin Pierre gave an amazing KeyNote Speech about creativity!