EA Press Conference Highlights

Note! This is a live blog, the formatting is not pretty.

EA has chosen to go against the norm and host it’s own event outside of E3, open to the general public. A bold move to say the least. Even though they are leaving the showfloor they still held their annual E3 press conference for a theater of adoring fans and journalists.
EA Kicked off its 2016 E3 press conference at 1pm on a sunny California Monday. Here are This is Geeks top moments from the conference.

Peter Moore in London!

EA held two simultanious conferences and livestreamed them together. Peter Moore headlined the London event. Though it was slightly confusing, the dual conferences were a great way for EA to spread its content worldwide and allow less travel time for overseas developers.

Play to give

After our own heart, EA is introducing a new campaign called Play to Give, by various in game events players will earn acheivements that go towards a charity pool. At the end of the campaign EA will be donating no less than $1,000,000 to various organizations such as Women in Information Technology and HeForShe. Given the general publics view on the company, this is a great way for them to show their good side.

Star Wars 


With three new titles already released, and an endless supply of Star Wars universe stories and characters, there can be no shortage of upcoming games.

  • Star Wars Battlefront 2 in the works
  • (Untitled) New single player action game, new characters and story-line.
  • Respawn entertainment is creating 3rd person action adventure game, releasing in 2018

Mass Effect Andromeda



  • Completely new story
  • New cast
  • More freedom

EA Originals


Created to bring new Indie games to life EA Originals will Provide funding, marketing and publishing for small independent development studios. Much like it did for last years Unravel. All profit from the program will go back to the developer.

The first game coming from the new initiative is Fe, an adorable adventure game with a heavy musical influence.

Zoint games – Gothemburg Sweden




  • Titanfall 2 on coming to PS4.
  • 6 New titans
  • More customization
  • Deep progression system
  • Single player story – Full offline campaign

Beta test prior to launch – sign up at titanfall.com


Thats all for now, overall EA had a fairly quiet and uneventful conference! Next up Bethesda!!